10 Useful Hotkeys in Dynamics NAV 2013 RTM

Using Hotkeys can save you valuable time at work, improve the quality of your work and boost your productivity. This blog lists 10 Hotkeys in Dynamics NAV:

  1. F1 – Open Help. Click on any field and then press F1 to get help that explains the field.


    >> For example, on the bank account card, click in the Bank Branch No. field


    >> Press F1 to open the Help window:



  2. F5 – Refresh the active window

    >> For example, when working in the Bank Reconciliation Worksheet window, when clearing the Checks and Deposits, press F5 to refresh the window and see the changes in the General FastTab:



  3. F7 – Display statistics

    >> For example, on a Purchase Invoice page


    >> Press F7 to view the purchase invoice statistics:


  4. F8 – Copy the field above


    >> For example, on any worksheet with Lines such as General Journal

    >> Press F8 to copy the field above, in this case the Account No. from the field above:



  5. F9 – Post

    Shift + F9 – Post and print


    >> To post any document or journal lines, press F9 or Shift + F9 (print to default printer):




  6. Esc (1/2) – Discard changes


    >> When editing a field, the escape key allows you to discard the changes you just made and return the original value:


    >> Original


    >> Click to enter the Editing mode and make changes to the value:


    >> When in the editing mode, press Escape key and the original value will return:


    Esc (2/2) – Save and close the current window


    >> When not editing any field, the Escape key is equivalent to Ctrl + Enter and the OK or Close button in the window:




  7. Ctrl + E – Export to Microsoft Excel


    >> On a Customer Ledger Entries page, press Ctrl + E , the customer ledger entries will be exported to Excel:



  8. Ctrl + Delete – Delete the selected line(s)


    >> On any lines worksheet

    >> Select one or multiple lines

    >> Press Ctrl + Delete



    Note: The Delete button in the Ribbon of any document, e.g., Purchase Invoice is for deleting the entire document. To delete specific line(s) of the purchase invoice, use the steps above:




  9. Ctrl + F3 – Search


    >> In the Dynamics NAV 2013 RTM main window, press Ctrl+F3 to search pages:

    >> For example, to search Purchase Invoice:


  10. F3 – Type to filter


    >> On any page with a filter pane, press F3 to start typing filter value:



    >> For example, on the Customers page, press F3, type “27”, and then press enter to filter customers with No. that starts with 27:



Just remember, the more often you use these hotkeys, the sooner your will remember them and love using them!


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