Adding a Shortcut Dimension in Dynamics NAV

Dimensions are values that you can add to transactions before posting to allow users to perform analysis on those transactions after posting. Using dimensions allows users to analyze data in a way that is meaningful and concise. Dynamics NAV uses two Global Dimensions and eight Shortcut Dimensions. The first two Shortcut Dimensions are always the same as the two Global Dimensions.

Global Dimensions are available throughout Dynamics NAV and are actual fields on tables. Shortcut Dimensions are displayed in individual lines on documents. The following blog will explain the process of adding a new Shortcut Dimension in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Step 1 – Add New Dimension Value

The first step is to add the new dimension value to the list of dimensions available for use. To do so naviagate to Departments > Financial Management > Administration > Dimensions.


Here you will see the list of dimensions that currently exists in the system. Go to the next available line and enter the new Dimension Code. The other fields will populate automatically. Adding the dimension to the list makes it available to be selected as a shortcut dimension later.

Step 2 – Give the New Dimension a List of Values

The next step is to give the new dimension a list of values. For example, if your new dimension is a Region Code you’ll want the dimension values to be the different regions (ex. Midwest, North East, South, etc.). Click on Dimension Values in the ribbon (highlighted in the screenshot above). In the page that opens you will designate the values for the new dimension.

Step 3 – Designation

The last step is to designate the new dimension as a shortcut dimension. To do this you’ll need to go to Financial Management > Administration > General Ledger Setup. Select the “Dimensions” FastTab. Then go to the next available Shortcut Dimension Code space and select the drop down. You will see the newly added dimension code in the list of available dimensions; you can select the new dimension.


Once you have designated the new dimension as a shortcut dimension, it can be used in documents and journals. And there you have it, you’ve just added a shortcode dimension in Microsoft Dynamics NAV!


July 17, 2013


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