Budget Register Entry Upload (Excel Add-in) for Microsoft Dynamics AX

NOTE – This guide is to add Budget Register Entry lines within a previously created Budget Register Entry header utilizing the native Dynamics AX Excel Add-in.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel
  2. Go to Dynamics AX tab > Options
  3. Choose correct login information under ‘Connection’ and click ‘Connect’
  4. Select Legal Entity and Default Account Structure under ‘Data’
  5. Click ‘OK’
  6. Click Add Data > Add Tables
  7. Type into the Filter box ‘BudgetTransactionLine’ > select the proper table > click the ‘>’ button, and click ‘OK’ to begin choosing fields to import
  8. Click and drag fields on the left-hand pane and pull them to the spreadsheet to include in the table. The minimum fields required to process an import are as follows.
    • Budget register entries.Entry number – the Budget Register Entry number that needs lines imported to
    • Budget register entries.Ledger name – the acronym of the Legal Entity within which the Budget Register Entry exists
    • Currency
    • Date – date for the individual budget line
    • Line number – if starting with a new Budget Register Entry, sequential numbering starting at 1 (i.e. 1, 2, 3, …, 150)
    • LedgerDimension.MainAccount – Main Account number
    • Any Financial Dimensions that are required within the earlier specified Account Structure
    • Transaction currency amount
    • Amount type – Revenue or Expense (field is also a drop-down)
  9. Once all fields have been properly moved to the spreadsheet, click ‘Fields’ to close the fields pane
  10. Fill out the table as needed (as lines are input below the table, they should include formatting from the table – every other row fills automatically with a blue color)
  11. Once all data has been filled in correctly, Dimensions can be validated by clicking Validate Dimensions > Validate Dimensions (all rows) OR Validate Dimensions (selected row)
    • All rows will validate the entire table
    • Selected row will validate the selected row(s)
  12. Once validation is complete, click Publish > Publish All OR Publish Selected
    • Publish All publishes entire table
    • Publish Selected only publishes selected line(s)
  13. Once the update has been run, a new tab will be created which displays the publishing status
  14. Go into Microsoft Dynamics AX > Budgeting > Common > Budget register entries > All budget register entries
  15. Open the Budget Register Entry that was mentioned in the upload template
  16. Validate that all of the fields transferred correctly

March 20, 2015


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