Q&A: How to change SharePoint site icon?

Changing a SharePoint site’s site icon is a great way to personalize a site. It’s also very easy to do, that is, usually.  Here’s how:

  1. Upload your icon to any site library such as Site Assets. Copy its URL.
  2. Go to Site Actions > Site Settings and under Look and Feel section, open the “Title, description and icon” page.
    change sharepoint site icon
  3. Paste the copied URL in the URL field, save, and you’re done.change sharepoint site icon
  4. Go to the home page and verify that the icon has indeed changed
    change sharepoint site icon

Sometimes, however, after changing the icon through “Title, description and icon”, you may stumble upon a page that still has the SharePoint default icon. When this happens, it means that you are on a special type of page called “Web Part Page”. These pages, as their name describes, are designed to hold web parts within the several web part zones on the page. Web part pages are different from standard SharePoint pages in that they include a TitleBarWebPart that overrides the standard SharePoint header section. The site icon for this page is contained within the TitleBarWebPart control itself, and can only be changed by editing its properties.

change sharepoint site icon

To change the site icon on a web part page:

  1. Put the page into Edit Page mode by clicking on the SharePoint ribbon “Page” tab.
    Page tab
  2. In the Page ribbon, click on the “Title Bar Properties” button on the far right.
    change sharepoint site icon
  3. Paste the site icon URL in the Image Link field and save by clicking OK.change sharepoint site icon
  4. Stop editing the page and click on the Browse tab to see your custom site icon. Enjoy!
    change sharepoint site icon
October 8, 2013


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