A Developers Overview of Dynamics AX 2016

Microsoft has really outdone themselves with their newest release of Dynamics AX 2016. Packed with the essentials of AX as we’ve always known it, Microsoft has managed to provide a user friendly development environment with Visual Studios. With seamless integration of MorphX into a unified Visual Studio environment, developers still have the power that they’ve grown accustomed to.

New vs. Dev Environment In Dynamics AX 2016

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With Visual Studio as the primary development environment, a major key note is that the runtime is all .NET. No longer will there be an X++ interpreter in the development environment as traditional X++ will have the capability to mix with other development languages. In addition to this, source control will already be there for developers using Team Foundation Server already implemented into Visual Studio.

Team Foundation Server

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Moving away from the development side of things for a second, I would like to mention the most attractive new feature, in my opinion, is that the ENTIRE Dynamics AX application is accessible via your internet browser. No longer will you have the Enterprise Portal or Rich Client as they will both be replaced with the new JavaScript/HTML client. That’s right, you can actually access Dynamics AX from your phone which is an astonishing leap with the increase of smartphones and tablets. Standing in line at the airport? Who cares, you can still check out the Accounts Receivable or General Ledger for your ERP system if you wish!

Dynamics AX 2016 Browser View

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Since the new Dynamics AX will be using the latest cloud technology, Life Cycle Services is now a huge player in all new Dynamics products. Deploying an instance of AX, maintenance, and code analysis will be easier than ever with the click of a few buttons inside of LCS. It has been said that in the future, after a few small releases, full migration from the AX 2012 R3 application suite to the new Dynamics AX will be available to customers. With Dynamics AX providing a complete UI overhaul, I believe there will be a global appreciation from every Dynamics AX user in the sense that we will finally FEEL like we’re in the year 2016.

October 27, 2016


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