Dynamics GP 2015 Top New Features Round-Up – Part II

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 has just been released as of December 1st. We have now compiled all the ‘Feature of the Day’ posts if you’d like to quickly check out the new features in this release. Check out Dynamics GP 2015 ‘Feature of the Day’ – Part I here.

Microsoft has posted that “this release offers significant new capabilities including:”

  1. Expanded workflows
  2. Single sign on through integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  3. Service based architecture

The following list is a continued compilation of the ‘Feature of the Day’ posts for Dynamics GP 2015.

1. Management Report Integration

  • The navigation list displays a list of reports the current user has security access to and enables them to view the reports in the Management Reporter Viewer with just a click of a button.

2. Management Reporter Integration Setup

  • The location of the Report Designer Application is an optional field and when defined, will enable users to launch the designer from the Management Reporter navigation list if they have permissions to application.

3. Management Reporter in Business Analyzer

  • This feature enables users to add Management Reporter content to the Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer app. Users may add any Management Reporter report to the app start page that they have permission to. Once added, they may take the action to view the report in the Management Reporter HTML viewer.

4. Management Reporter Content in Business Analyzer

  • Users may add any Management Reporter report to the app start page that they have permission to. Once added, they may take the action to view the report in the Management Reporter HTML viewer.

5. Business Analyzer Cross Platform

  • This features enables tablet users on Windows, iOS or Android to install and use the Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer app. Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer is a cross Dynamics Business Intelligence app that enables AX, GP and SL customers the ability to view and take action on key business information right at their fingertips.

6. Intercompany Journal Entry Inquiry

  • Having the Intercompany Journal Entry Inquiry window eliminates the need for users to switch between companies to view all originating- and destination-company distributions of an intercompany journal entry. All distributions can be viewed from one company.

7. Void Intercompany Journal Entries

  • Users will have the ability to void an intercompany journal entry, including entries posted in destination companies, by voiding the original entry in the originating company. This eliminates the need to void an entry in both the originating company, and individually in each destination company as separate steps.

8. E-mail Historical Payables Remittance

  • When you want to send an e-mail for a historical document you can add additional e-mail addresses and choose which e-mail addresses you wish to send to.

9. Employee Self Service – Purchase Requisitions

  • As part of the Employee Self Service functionality, navigation is streamlined for the requester to see a requisition status or enter a requisition. Users are able to quickly see important information right from their Home Page using the Saved, Ready for Purchase, Pending User Action, Rejected Workflow, and Approval tiles.

10. Direct Deposit with Workflow

  • The Employee Direct Deposit window allows an employee to view and edit their direct deposit information. They can start or stop direct deposit, add or remove accounts and edit the direct deposit distribution. With workflow for Employee Direct Deposit, the direct deposit changes can be routed to the appropriate people for verification before updating the employee’s data.

11. Existing Purchase Order Warning

  • A new warning message has been added to the Payables Transaction Entry form to prompt the end-user if they attempt to post or save an invoice for a vendor that already has an available Purchase Order in the application.

12. Management Reporter Data Integration

  • Users can determine the data that is available to the Microsoft Dynamics Management Reporter DataMart, improving the performance and giving the user control over the data selected.

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December 3, 2014


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