Dynamics NAV “There is nothing to post” error message when attempting to post a Sales Order or Purchase Order

In the example above, the “There is nothing to post”  error message on the Purchase Order is caused by not having a value in the Qty. to Invoice and/or the Qty. to Receive fields on the Purchase Order lines. If you are receiving the Purchase Order, make sure that you have specified the quantity you are receiving in the Qty. to Receive field. Likewise, if you are invoicing the Purchase Order, make sure that the Qty. to Invoice field has been populated with the correct quantity.

In the example above, the error message on the Sales Order is caused by not having a value in the Qty to Invoice and/or the Qty. to Receive fields on a Sales Order. If you want to ship the lines on the Sales Order, make sure that the Qty. to Ship field is populated. If you are attempting to invoice the Sales Order, the Qty. to Invoice field must be populated.

Also, verify that when you click on Post or Post and Print that you have selected the correct action for the function you are attempting to perform: Receive, Invoice or Receive and Invoice.

April 9, 2013
  • Patricia


    I have a similar problem and I hope someone could help me.

    I try to post a receivable on the cash receipt journal, and I get the error message ” Nothing to post”.
    The Journal line is not deleted.
    But if I look on the General Ledger Entries, the register is done, there are records about the receivable.

    Then I look on the G/L Registers, and there isn’t the corresponding record.

    So if i try to post the journal again, I get the records duplicated on the General Ledger Entries!

    Could you help me please?
    There is a hot fix about it?
    How can I fix this?

    • Hi Patricia,

      That sounds like your NAV is customized and not native, which is totally common but can lead to complications. It’s hard to tell without further detail. Could you send or reply here with your email? I’ll remove the comment with it after.


      • Patricia

        ​Hi this is my email.

        Thanks for your help!
        Please tell what details you need to know​

        2016-10-06 15:22 GMT-05:00 Disqus :

        • Hi Patricia,

          I spoke to someone again and it sounds like an issue with your implementation being customized. We’re not at liberty to comment nor do we typically make posts beyond native NAV on this website. I’d advise you to contact your IT department or Microsoft Partner. If your company currently doesn’t have a Microsoft Partner we “coincidentally” offer Dynamics NAV support plans: https://www.randgroup.com/support/ – I could have a product expert/sales exec reach out to you first thing tomorrow if need be.

          Best of luck to you.


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