How to Create a Resource Calendar in SharePoint 2010

Resource calendars are a helpful tool which enable you to create lists and reserve resources such conference rooms and shared equipment. In this step-by-step guide, we will take you through the process of setting up a resource calendar and utilizing it for better organization.

Step 1: To create a Calendar, go to Site Actions >> More Options >> List >> Calendar, enter a calendar name and then click the Create button


Step 2: To setup resource list, go to Lists >> Resources >> Add a new item, enter the resource Name and Description and then click Save. Repeat the same step to add more resources:

All the conference rooms are added to the resources list. You can add items such as projectors as well if desired:


Step 3: To enable additional calendar functionality such as resource booking, go to Site Actions >> Site Settings >> Manage Site Features, look for Group Work Lists, and then click on Activate button to activate the feature.




Step 4: To enable resource booking, go to Resource Booking (the calendar) >> Calendar Tools >> Calendar >> List Settings >> Title, Descritption and Navigation settings, select yes for sharing member’s schedule option and resource booking and then click on the Save button



Step 5: To create a new calendar event and book a conference for the event, go to Resource Booking (the calendar) >> Calendar Tools >> Events >> New Event >> Schedule and Reservations, enter the following information and then click on the Save button:

  1. Title – title of the event
  2. Location – optional, you can enter the name of the conference room or address of the meeting place
  3. Start Time – select a start time for the event
  4. End Time – select an end time for the event
  5. Attendees – enter attendees name or use the select tool to look for users
  6. Resource – select the resource you would like to use and click on the Add button, the resource should appear on the right hand side after being added to the event. The calendar of the resource will also appear to assist booking schedule. Multiple resources can be selected for a single event
  7. Free/Busy – a multiple-calendar view of all attendees and all the selected resources to assist scheduling
  8. Check Double Booking – a double booking checking button to automatically checking scheduling confict. If the resource is not available for the selected time, a warning message will appear
  9. Description –enter a description for the event
  10. Category – select a category for the event
  11. All Day Event – check if the event is an all day event
  12. Recurrance – check if the event is a recurring event
  13. Workspace – check if you would like to use a Meeting Workspace


Step 6: The event is now successfully created. To sync the SharePoint calendar to Outlook, go to Resource Booking (the calendar) >> Calendar Tools >> Calendar >> Connect to Outlook


When booking an event, multi-calendar free/busy view helps user identify the availability of resources and attendees. The Check Double Booking button ensures that the booking can be done successfully:


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