How to Create an Advanced Filter on Multiple Records

Users can benefit from utilizing the Advanced Filter functionality within NAV to parse a large amount of data into a manageable subset. Each list view within NAV provides users the opportunity to set Advanced Filters. To begin making use of this functionality, navigate to any list view in NAV. For this example, we will Navigate to the Customer List.

Click on Departments >> Financial Management >> Receivables >> Customers

Then locate the word ‘Customers’ within the List View.

Once located; select ‘Advanced filter’. The “Show results:” section in the grey bar will appear. This section of the window will allow users to begin setting multiple filters for the dataset ‘Customers’ that has been selected.

As an example of filtering options:

If you would like to filter the list for all customers that begin with ‘Ba’, replace the following data in the first line:

Where No. is Enter Value

Click on the Arrow Down by the word No. and Select ‘Name’. This will allow the system to filter on the field ‘Name’. The Visible Columns list are those fields that the user has defined on their Customer List View.

In the field where the value ‘Enter Value’ appears, type the letters ‘Ba*’ (without the single quotes). The star functions as a wildcard for searching capabilities.

NAV will return all Customer names in the List View that begin with the letters Ba.

To continue to add additional criteria to filter by, click on the (green Plus sign) ‘Add Filter’.

The system will then automatically create an additional line for setting up new filtering criteria.

To filter for all fields that are outside of the Visible Columns field, but part of the database structure for the Customer, click on ‘All’. A list of all the fields available within the table structure for Customers will appear. You should scroll down the list or type the first letter of the field you are trying to locate to jump quicker to the field.

In this example, select State and in the ‘Enter a Value’ type ‘TX’.

Based on the criteria set, NAV will return values where the Customer name begins with ‘Ba’ and the state in which the customer resides in is Texas.

Users can continue to add additional filters based on multiple fields to further define the dataset.

February 20, 2013


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