How to Create/setup New Users in NAV 2013

NAV 2013’s User Setup has completely changed from previous NAV versions. The main difference is that you can no longer setup your own permission using the Development Environment. Now, another user with Permission Set of ‘SUPER’ will have to create the new user using the Role Tailored Client. This new feature adds another layer of security and control.

In this blog we will cover the three steps needed to create a new users in NAV 2013 so they can login and work seamlessly in this platform.

  • Creating a New User
  • User Setup
  • User Personalization

Please note Users will need a Windows Login to access Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Creating a New User

  • Open the Role Tailored Client
  • Go to the following path: Departments/Administration/IT Administration/General/Users.


  1. Click New on the ribbon.


  2. In Windows User Name page click on the “…”


  3. Click “Allow for this client session”

  4. Enter the desired user name in the textbox that says “Enter the object name to select” and click “Check Name” (Use the User Name in Windows Login).

  5. Click “Ok” to close out of the Select User or Group box. The User Name should auto fill in the General tab.
  6. In the user Permission Sets tab, select the corresponding “Permission Set” for the new user.

  7. Click OK to exit out of the User Card, and the user now should be able to access the Role Tailored Client.

User Setup

  • After the User is created, it also needs to be added to the User Setup page.

In the User Setup page, you can restrict when a particular user is allowed to post to a particular company. You can create user setups only for users who have been created as described above.

  1. Go to Departments/Administration/Application Setup/Users/User Setup


  2. Click on New on the ribbon
  3. Click on the arrow to select the user from the dropdown
  4. Fill in and checked the necessary fields according to the user and click OK to close the page.


User Personalization (Optional)

When the administrator or SUPER user has completed configuration of a Role Center, the User Personalization Card is used to assign a configured profile to a user.

  1. Navigate to Departments/Administration/Application Setup/Role Tailored Client/User Personalization
  2. Double Click on the desired User.
  3. The User Personalization Card will display.
  4. Click on the arrow pointing down and select the Profile ID from the list.

Now that you have completed these three steps your user is ready to login to the Role Tailored Client and start working. Happy NAVing!

June 10, 2015


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