How to Customize your Home Page in Dynamics GP

To allow users to function in a more meaningful environment, a user is capable of customizing their own Home Page. You are allowed, on the Home Page window, to add and remove content layout and modify the layout of your home page and even change the home page role.

These settings are saved for each user and can be modified at any time.

To begin your customization, click the ‘Customize this page’ link at the top of the content pane to open the Customize Home Page window.

Each user can then define the look and feel of their GP work environment. In the ‘Mark content to display’ section, each work area designated with a indicates it will show on your Home Page. Those sections highlighted with a will provide the user with even more in-depth options for customization.

The ‘Define the page layout’ section allows the user to place each work area in the most opportune area within the screen for ease in work processes. By clicking on ‘Move Up’ or ‘Move Down’ in either Column 1 or 2 allows the user to place each appropriately.

The Center arrows are used to allow the user to move work areas between Column 1 or Column 2 of the Home Page. The arrow direction (left or right) will highlight according to the work area and column you have clicked on. For Example, if the user clicks on ‘Connect’ in Column 1, the right arrow will appear because that is the only direction that work area can be moved.

Users even have the ability to change their Home Page Default Role. This can be accomplished by clicking ‘Change Role”

The user can then select the Industry and functional work group that best describes their job. By doing this, the standard defaults setup in the Home Page will automatically update.

Make sure you hit OK to save your changes.

April 2, 2013


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