How to Enable Self-Service Site Creation

If you created a Web Application for certain purposes such as project collaboration, you probably would like your users to be able to create site collection. The default settings of SharePoint 2010 require the user to be a member of the Farm Administrators group to create a site collection. To allow your users to create site collections in a web application without being a member of the Farm Administrators, you need to enable serf-service site collection creation. For detailed instructions on how to create a Site Collection, you can refer to my other blog: “How to Create a Site Collection in 10 Steps”. Here are the steps to enable Self-Services Site Creation:

Step 1 Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration: Start menuà All Programsà Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Productsà SharePoint 2010 Central Administration

Step 2 Click Manage Web Applications under Application Management section:

Step 3 Select the Web Application for which you would like to enable Self-Services Site Creation, and then click Self-Service Site Creation on the ribbon:

Step 4 On the Self-Service Site Collection Management page, select On to enable Self-Service Site Creation. If you would like to require user to supply a secondary contact name when creating a new site collection, check the Require secondary contact box (optional), the secondary contact will become the secondary site collection administrator:

Step 5 Click Ok to save your settings

You’ve just configured a web application in which you now allow your users to create site collections.



May 10, 2013


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