How to Filter List Page in Dynamics GP

Users can benefit from utilizing the Filter option within GP to parse a large amount of data into a manageable subset. Each list view within GP provides users the opportunity to set Filters. To begin, making use of this functionality; navigate to any list view in GP. For this example, we will Navigate to the Customer List.

Click on Sales >> Customers

Then locate the word ‘Customers (read only)’ within the List View.

Once located click on the arrow down and select “Show/Hide’ and then ‘Filter Options’. The Show results: section in the grey bar will appear. This section of the window will allow users to begin setting multiple filters for the dataset ‘Customers’ that has been selected.

As an example of filtering options:

If you would like to filter the list for all customers that begin with the ‘B’,

Click on the (green plus sign).

Enter the value ‘B’ in the Enter a Value field. This first filter will provide results where the letters ‘B’ are contained within the Customer Name field in GP. Make sure you hit the grey arrow pointing to the right to execute that row of filtering.

To continue to add additional criteria to filter by, click on the (green Plus sign) ‘Add Filter’.

The system will then automatically create an additional line for setting up new filtering criteria.

In this example, we are going to locate customers where their phone number starts with the ‘316’.

Click in the second line, and click on the arrow down next to Customer Name and select Phone Number. Then click into the field ‘contains’ and select ‘begins with’. The last value to enter is 316 in the ‘Enter a Value’ field.

Once you have clicked on the grey arrow to the left, the proper filtering results will be returned.

February 8, 2013


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