How to Hide a Web Part on SharePoint

In this blog, I’ll demonstrate how to hide a Web Part on a SharePoint Online Web Page.

Step1 Open the Web Page where you would like to hide an existing Web Part. For example, on the Contract page of the Legal Department, you can hide the Web Part called Contract Archives:

Step 2 To enter the Editing mode, Click PageàEdit Page

Step 3 In the Page Editing mode, click on the dropdown button on the top left corner of the web part (The Web Part is called Contract Archives in our demonstration) and then click Edit Web Part


Step 4 Scroll to the top right corner of the Web Page; click Layout in the Web Part Configuration Tool Pane

Step 5 Expand Layout section, check the checkbox for Hidden and then click OK to save the setting

Step 6 Now you will see “(Hidden)” in front of the Web Part Name, click Stop Editing to save the page

Congratulations! You’ve just successfully hidden a Web Part on a SharePoint Web Page.

June 11, 2013


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