How to Make a Drill Down Report in SSRS

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 (SSRS) offers the capability to view data in many different ways. In this post, we will focus on visualizing data at different levels by utilizing drill down functionality.

Learn how to make a drill down report in SSRS below.


Your company’s sales manager is responsible for delivering a certain number of sales worldwide. He wants to be able to see his numbers at a high level, but wants to retain the ability to dig deeper into the data for sales territories that are underperforming.


Using the AdventureWorks database, a data set has been created that contains the total sales amount, and the sales territory geography – in this case Continent, Country, and Region. The total sales amount should be set up as the sum of all values in the sales column in order to aggregate properly.


In order to convert our normal tabular report into a drill down report in SSRS, we are going to set up our sales territories as groups. In order to do this, simply drag the row you want to group by into the “Row Groups” section of the report designer. In the example below, we see three groups: Continent, Country, and Region.

The difference in the report preview will look like this:

An example of a drill down report in SSRS

We can now easily turn this report into a drilldown report by changing the visibility settings on each group. Since we want to start the report by viewing the “Continent” group, we will set its visibility to “Show”. The Country group’s visibility will be set to “Hidden”, but can be triggered by drilling down on the continent. The Region group will be just like the Country group – set to “Hidden”, but can be triggered by drilling down on the country.

Right-click on the country group and select “Group Properties”.

On the “Visibility” tab, set the group to “Hide” with display toggled by its parent group – in this case “Continent.”

Now, do the same for the Region group.

The final result is the addition of drilldown functionality to our report.

September 7, 2013


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