How to Setup SharePoint 2010: Web Application General Settings Configuration

This blog entry shows you how to setup SharePoint 2010 Web Application General Settings. In Central Administration, you can configure a list of settings for the web application, such as the maximum number of alerts, a 2-stage recycle bin and a size limit of upload files. These setting apply to all the site collections and sites created on the web application.

In case you are not familiar with the SharePoint Central Administration site, here are the steps that allow you to open the Web Application General Settings page:

Central Administration à Application Management à Manage Web Applications

à Select a Web Application à General Settings


  1. Default Time Zone

    The default time zone would be set for the sites created on the web application:


  2. Default Quota Template

    You can choose a default quota template from the dropdown list to limit storage and the number of invited users of site collections created on the web application:


  3. Person Name Actions and Presence Settings

    You can choose whether or not to enable additional actions and Online Status for members:


  4. Alerts Settings

    You can choose whether or not to turn on the alert function on this web application and set the maximum number of alerts a user can create:


  5. RSS Settings

    You can choose whether or not to enable RSS feeds:


  6. Blog API Settings:

    You can choose whether or not to enable MetaWeblog API for the web application and whether or not to accept user name and password from the API (the currently configured authentication method will be used if set to no):

  7. Browser File Handling

    You can choose the browser file handling method to be Permissive or Strict:


  8. Web Page Security Validation Settings

    You can choose whether or not to turn off security validation settings and the expiration time to adjust the security level of the web application:


  9. Send User Name and Password in E-mail

    You can choose whether or not to send user name and password in e-mail. A new user can’t access the site until an administrator changes the user’s password and notifies the user of the new password.


  10. Page Settings for Application _Layouts Pages

    You can choose whether or not to allow the Application _Layout pages to reference the site master pages:


  11. Recycle Bin settings

    You can choose whether or not to turn on the Recycle Bin feature, time to store items in the first stage recycle bin and quota limit to store items in the second stage recycle bin:


  12. Maximum upload size

    You can specify the maximum size of an upload to the sites on the web application, whether it’s a single file or a group of files:

  13. Customer Experience Improvement Program

    You can choose whether or not to enable the Customer Experience Improvement Program which collects web site analytics on the web application:

Congratulations! You have just configured all the general settings of a SharePoint 2010 web application. Now don’t forget to click OK to save all the settings, or to click Cancel if you don’t want to save any of the changes you made:

April 23, 2013


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