How to Import an Excel Spreadsheet into a SharePoint 2010 List

In this blog, I’ll demonstrate how to create a list on SharePoint 2010 that duplicates the columns and data of an Excel Spreadsheet by importing the spreadsheet to SharePoint. To prepare for this demonstration, I downloaded a sample data sheet with 7 columns and 43 rows of data:


Step 1: Go to the SharePoint site where you would like to create a new list, click Lists; all the existing lists of the site will be listed. Click Create to create a new list:


Step 2 You can find the specific type of Lists that uses data imported from Spreadsheet by clicking List under the filter option, click Import Spreadsheet icon, and then click Create


Step 3 Type a name for the new list in the Name field and add the list Description. Click Browse to select a spreadsheet for import:


Step 4 Go to the folder where you stored the spreadsheet, select the spreadsheet and then click Open:


Step 5 After reviewing the settings, click Import to import the spreadsheet:


Step 6 Excel will pop up and ask you to select the data you would like to import. In the range type, select Range of Cells


Step 7 Click Select Range and select all the cells you would like to import, including the title row, and then click Import:


Step 8 The list will now be displayed on SharePoint in the standard list view (default):

Step 9 You can sort and filter the list from the column title dropdown buttons, for example, if you would like to only view orders from Central region, click on Region dropdown menu, and select Central as the filtered value:


Sales orders from the Central Region will be filtered and displayed; a filter icon appears next to the title of the Region column:


Step 10 You can also create new items on the list by clicking on Add New Item on the bottom of the list, fill in the details of the new item and then click Save:


Congratulations! You’ve just successfully imported data from an Excel Spreadsheet to SharePoint and created a SharePoint List to display that data. For more information on SharePoint List Settings and List View Configuration, you can browse the related blog entries on our site.


Email [email protected] with any questions you have pertaining to this course.

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