NAV 2013 New Cash Flow Forecasting Module

Understanding the cash inflows and outflows is the key to running a successful business, however measurement of cash flow is not always easy. NAV 2013 provides tools to make this easier. You create periodic calculation of the forecasted operational revenues and expenses to calculate the cash surplus or the cash deficit.

The forecast allows you to incorporate values from the General Ledger, Sales and Marketing, Purchase and Service modules.

You can:

  • ┬áSetup your own cash flow accounts
  • Add liquid funds and the budgeted values from the General Ledger
  • Add current payables and any forecasted debts from Purchasing
  • Add current receivables and any forecasted receipts from Sales
  • Add current open service invoices
  • Add planned capital expenditures and budgeted and future asset purchases from Fixed Assets
  • Manage revenues and expenses and integrate them in the cash flow forecast
  • Enjoy easy reporting

February 27, 2013
  • Charalampos Oikonomidis

    Dear Miss Turner

    I would like to ask you, if the new CashFlow forecasting module can handle situations that are conditional in nature.

    For example:
    Payment of VAT (only if the balance of the VAT account is credit)
    Interest Income (only if the daily balance of the Bank account is debit)
    Interest Expense (only if the daily balance of the Bank account is credit)

    To better illustrate my question, let us assume that we are in March, and we want to calculate our company’s CashFlow until December. Can we calculate:
    October’s VAT payment
    October’s Interest Income
    October’s Interest Expense

    Plus, also, can we calculate the effect in the CashFlow, if we only make 92% of forecasted sales, or if the days of credit to our customers turn out to be 19 more than we anticipated. The major problem with these, is that changes in one value do not create a linear change in other values.

    Best regards
    Charalampos Oikonomidis


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