Use the NAV 2013 SharePoint Client to Display Customer List

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SharePoint each help increase business profitability in its own way.  When NAV and SharePoint are integrated,  users can take advantage of the business productivity and administration benefits in Microsoft SharePoint even further, including workflows, business connectivity services, workspaces, SharePoint authentication, and scalability. To enable  integration, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SharePoint client needs to be installed.

This blog entry shows you how to display a NAV page on a SharePoint site using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 SharePoint Client:

Step 1 Create a new SharePoint page

  • Navigate to the SharePoint site >> Site Actions >> New Page


  • Enter the name for the new page and then click Create

Step 2 Insert a NAV Web Part

  • Ribbon >> Editing Tools >> Insert >> Web Part >> Miscellaneous (Categories) >> Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Part >> Add



Step 3 Edit the NAV Web Part to Display Customer List

  • Open the Web Part Editing Tool Pane


  • Click on the dropdown arrow:


  • Type the page name or scroll down to select a NAV page, e.g. Customer List:


  • Click OK to save the settings:


  • Click OK when the NAV demonstration company initialization message pops up:


Step 4 Check in and publish the page:

  • The customer page has already been displayed on the page. Go to Ribbon >> Editing Tools >> Format Text >> Check in


  • Add Check In comments if desired and then click Continue


  • Ribbon >> Publish Tab >> Publish


Step 5 Add the page to the Global Navigation Bar

  • Go to the homepage, Site Actions >> Site Settings


  • Under Look and Feel, select Navigation


  • In the Navigation Editing and Sorting section, click Add Link


  • In the Add Link window, enter title, browse to the page, enter a description, select audience if desired and then click OK


  • Click OK to save the Navigation settings:



Congratulations! You’ve just learned to create a new SharePoint page, add a Web Part,  use Microsoft Dynamics NAV SharePoint Client to display Customer List on the SharePoint page and  add a SharePoint page to the Global Navigation Bar! As you can tell from the screen shots, the NAV pages and reports in the NAV SharePoint client is very similar to those in the  Windows client. It’s the perfect tool for NAV users who perform relatively simple or light data entry or need an overview of financial status from a web browser.

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