Setup Required Dimension for Multiple G/L Accounts in NAV 2013

Set up multiple G/L accounts with required set-up dimensions in 5 easy steps:

Step 1 Go to Chart of Accounts by typing in Chart of Accounts in the Search field on the right upper corner of the main NAV window (Press Ctrl+F3 to go to the Search field)


Step 2 Filter the accounts you would like to setup dimension requirements by selecting filter(s) and enter filter value(s). For example, Account Type: Posting


Filtered results:


Step 3 Select the accounts you would like to do the setup. To select all, double-click the left upper corner of the table:


Step 4 Go to the Navigate tab in the NAV ribbon, click on the Dimensions button and select Dimensions-Multiple


Step 5 In the Default Dimensions-Multiple window, click the New button under the Home tab from NAV ribbon. Select a Dimension and set the Value Posting field to Code Mandatory, which makes the selected Dimension required when the account(s) are selected for posting. Add additional dimensions if desired.

Congratulations. You’ve just selected multiple G/L accounts and setup the dimension(s) to be required.

October 15, 2013


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