Using the Project Management Functionality in SharePoint 2013

Creating a Project Site becomes even easier with the arrival of SharePoint 2013. In this blog, I’ll demonstrate the simple steps to create a Tasks List for a Project Site and upload project related documents to a SharePoint 2013 site.

  1. Add Project Functionality: To add the Project Functionality to the site, hover over Working on a deadline and click on the image.


    You will see the Tasks timeline and a blank Tasks list:


  2. Add a new task: To add a new task, click on new task, edit tasks details and then click Save.



  3. Add Task to Timeline: To add a task to timeline: click on the “…” on the task line and then click ADD TO TIMELINE.


    Now the task is added to the timeline:

  4. Create a Subtask: To create a subtask of any tasks, click “…” and then select CREATE SUBTASK
  5. Mark a Task as Completed: To mark a task as completed, check the completed box, SharePoint will strikethrough the Tasks checked as completed
  6. Review overdue Tasks: Notice that tasks overdue will be marked as red.

  8. Enter the Editing Mode: To enter the editing mode of the Task List, click edit link in the “new task or edit this list”. In the editing mode, the list works similarly as an Excel spreadsheet. You can double click to edit a field.
  9. Field Editing Assistant: When you see an icon that appears on the left side of the cell, when you click the field, you can click the icon to edit the field. For example, the icon that assists you to select a date from the Calendar:


    There is also an icon on the left of the Assigned To field. You can click on it to select a user to assign the task to:


  10. Insert a Line: You can even insert a line anywhere on the list by right click on the first cell of a row while in the editing mode.


  11. Add a column: You can also add a column by clicking the “+” icon on the upper right corner of the Task List web part:

    For example, if you would like to add a hyperlink to the document associated with the task, you can create a column of hyperlinks by first clicking on More Column Types from the dropdown list:

    Modify the Additional Column Settings:

    Click OK when you are done with all Column settings.

    Now you can add a hyperlink to the working document of each task:

    When you are done editing the list, click Stop editing this list to exit editing mode.

  12. Modify List View: To select certain columns to display, you can also go to the Ribbon, click Page. Under the LIST tab, click Modify View.



    After modifying the view, your Task List could look like this:


  13. Congratulations! You’ve learned the basics of working with a Tasks List in SharePoint 2013.

    August 5, 2013


Email [email protected] with any questions you have pertaining to this course.

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