How to Edit a SharePoint List Item with One-Click

To edit a list item, with the default list settings, the user would have to click twice to go to the Editing mode. In this blog, I’ll show you how to add an Edit link column so you can edit list items with just one click.

Here’s the list we will edit New Contact List:


Here are a few ways you can edit a list item:

  1. Check the item, go to the Item tab in the ribbon, and then click Edit Item:


  2. Click the dropdown button on the list item and click Edit Item


  3. Click on the link of the item and then click Edit Item, in this demo, the Last Name column is the item link


Now I’ll demonstrate how you can edit the list view so that you can have the Edit link as one of the columns displayed on the list.

Step 1 Go to the Ribbon, Click List and then click Modify View. Notice that you are about to edit the current view which is named All contacts:

Step 2 In step 2, we will do a couple of things here. Notice only the check columns will be displayed and they will be displayed according to the positions:

  1. Change the View Name to “Edit with One Click”
  2. Uncheck the Attachment column
  3. Uncheck the Last Name(linked to item with edit menu)
  4. Check Last Name
  5. Check Edit(link to edit item) and position it to 1
  6. Click OK


Step 3 You can now see the Edit link appears at the list as the first column for every list item. Click the Edit link to edit the item:

Step 4 Edit the item details and then click Save at the bottom of the list or on the ribbon to save the change:


Congratulations! You have just modified the List View and added an Edit link for every item on the list. You can now edit the list item by just ONE click!


August 16, 2013


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