SharePoint Online Demo: Interactive Charts & Maps of the BI Center

In this blog post, we’ll explore SharePoint Online through the Microsoft Office 365 tenant that was created with pre-populated with users, sites and content.

Go to, type in your user name and password, and then click Sign in

After log on using an admin account, you’ll first be directed to Office 365 Admin Center:

Click on Admin, you’ll see the dropdown list that was hidden from the top navigation bar, click SharePoint:

You will be directed to SharePoint Admin Center on the Manage Site Collections page, where you can see a list of site collections and the public facing website:


Click on the Site Collection with ending /bicenter, the Site Collection Properties will pop up:

Click the Web Site Address, you will be directed to the BI Center Site Collection’s top site:

In this BI Center Site Collection, you’ll see many user-friendly and powerful features and functionalities:

Interactive Charts

You can select a section of a graph and changes will reflect on all other graphs/maps depending on the selection. Filters can be applied to all charts and map as well:



Interactive Map

Note: The map in our demo shows average customer satisfaction score by Region: The bigger the dot, the higher the satisfactions score.

Pop out

Hover the mouse over the icons at the right upper corner of the map and click on the icon which says Pop out, click Pop Out to expand the map

Pop in

When you are finished viewing the full-size map, hover the mouse over the icons at the right upper corner of the map and click on the icon which says Pop in to navigate to the previews page:

Zoom in & out:

Just like any online maps, you can use the navigation button at the upper right corner to zoom in and out and navigate through the map, here’s a zoomed in view in Europe:

Drill down & up:

Double-click any of the dot on the graph, you will be able to drill down to that region, the hierarchy of this map goes from Countryà State àCity in the United States

  • Country level (Zoom in)


  • Drill down to State level ( Double click a country to drill down)
  • Drill down to City level (Double click a state to drill down)


  • Drill up a level (Click the Drill Up icon at the upper right corner next to the filter icon)

Flexible and powerful filter

Click on the filter icon on the upper right corner (the middle one in the following graph):

On the right hand side of the graph, you can see the Filter panel:

The filter applied in the following graph:

  • All values of Average CSAR Score
  • Country: United States
  • State: All
  • City: All


If you would like to see, for example, which cities in Texas have Customer Satisfaction Score lower than 3.0, you can first drill down to the city level, then apply the following filter:

  • Adjust Average CSAR Score value filter to “From the lowest value to 3.0” by dragging the end of the value bar
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: All

Here’s the result after applying the filter, the results shows which regions in Texas have CSAT score lower than 3.00:


You’ve just explored the interactive charts and maps of the BI Center created in the SharePoint Online Demo.

May 28, 2013


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