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Using Managed Metadata Service in SharePoint

Understanding the managed metadata service in SharePoint to use content types and managed metadata connections across web applications and site collections.

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Restore Deleted Site Collection in SharePoint

 In this post we discuss how to create a fix for the error that occurs when restoring site collection in SharePoint 2013.

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SharePoint Designer 2010 Error – “The extended protection settings configured on IIS do not match the settings configured on the transport”

We recently had to troubleshoot an error in SharePoint Designer where it would not connect to a web site showing the cryptic error message: "The content type of the response is "". The Status Code is "OK".

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Solving the Access Issue when Checking Out or Checking In a File to the SharePoint Library

While working with one of the sites which we developed in SharePoint 2010 and migrated to SharePoint 2013, some of the users reported they were having issues while checking in or checking out documents in the SharePoint Library, despite being administrators to the site.

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Customize the SharePoint Quick Launch Menu using the JavaScript Client Object Model

Although adequate for most purposes, customization through the SharePoint UI is somewhat limited, and you may find yourself needing something more. Let's look at how to customize the Quick Launch menu using the JavaScript Client Object Model.

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Hiding Web Parts on Enterprise Wiki Pages with SharePoint

Developers using SharePoint often find hiding web parts useful when wanting to add functionality to a page without displaying the web part. Learn a quick, easy and less risky way to hide your web parts on enterprise wiki pages.

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Understanding Event Receivers in SharePoint

Event Receivers are functions that get triggered when a specific event occurs in SharePoint. By creating them, you can respond effectively to SharePoint lists and list items. In this post we'll look at some best practices in working with them.

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Use the NAV 2013 SharePoint Client to Display Customer List

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SharePoint each help increase business profitability in its own way. When NAV and SharePoint are integrated, users can take advantage of the business productivity and administration benefits in Microsoft SharePoint even further, including workflows, business connectivity services, workspaces, SharePoint authentication, and scalability. To enable integration, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SharePoint client needs to be installed.

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Add metadata filters to a Content Query Web Part

The Content Query Web Part is a great feature of SharePoint that allows you to aggregate content from different lists and libraries in your site or site collection. It also allows you to filter, sort and group the query results based on common fields. They can also be filtered by using metadata. In order to set up the filters for use with metadata, you first have to set up the metadata term set you will be filtering by as a site column.

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Making Department Images Consistent in SharePoint

Using a standard page image format is a good way to provide consistency to SharePoint department sites and to reinforce the corporate brand. Unless there is a corporate style guide in place, you will often find that department images come in all shapes and sizes, which provides for an uneven user experience when navigating the site. One way to ensure consistency and still empower users to select department images without requiring a graphic artist on staff is to use the following technique:

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