Solving the Access Issue when Checking Out or Checking In a File to the SharePoint Library

While working with one of the sites which we developed in SharePoint 2010 and migrated to SharePoint 2013, some of the users reported they were having issues while checking in or checking out documents in the SharePoint Library, despite being administrators to the site. This wasn’t happening to all of the users,  but some of the users. As soon as the user tried to check out a document it displayed the below error:

Root Site Issue Image

We did provide a work around to those users , requesting them to open the file in a read-only mode, and check out the file from the Microsoft Office application (Like Microsoft Word for checking out documents and Microsoft Excel for Excel files). However, finding the root cause was a real challenge. We checked whether this was something to do with the specific operating system or browser version, but found this had nothing to do with the user’s work environment. After spending hours trying to find the root cause, we finally figured it out. The reason was that all the site collection in the web application is created using a managed path, and did not have a root site collection. To be more specific, the web application didn’t have a root site collection like http://machinename/default.aspx but had site collections created using a managed path like http://machinename/sites/Demo/defaut.aspx . Once we created a root site collection, this issue was resolved. Additionally, it seems this is a known issue which is described in .


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