How to Add a Colored Data Bar in SSRS 2008

In SSRS 2008, you can add a Data Bar, and with a few customizations you can turn it into a report for upper management that provides a quick overview of the information in a visual format.

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Create POCO Object from SQL (Tip #4)

Learn how to create POCO object from SQL and save yourself time. Take the columns of a wide table and run a SQL script.

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SQL Server Merge Statement for Handling SCD2 Changes in a Data Warehouse (Tip #3)

Part 3 of a three part post explaining how to use merge statements on a preview project and an indexed view to get the desired performance.

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Find All References To A Column In Stored Procedures (Tip #2)

Have you ever had trouble finding all references to a column in your stored procedures? This post trouble shoots that issue with a step-by-step guide to the resolution.

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SQL Server Tips for the Non-SQL Developer (Tip #1)

There will come a time for in every developer's life where we will need to know a little SQL or to have enough knowledge to find things within a SQL database. When those times come up I hope these few little SQL Server tips will help you like they have helped me.

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