Top 23 New Features in Dynamics GP 2013 R2 – Part II

It’s official, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 is now available for download!

The Microsoft Blog Team’s series ‘Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Feature of the Day’ is now complete, consolidated and summarized for your enjoyment. If you missed Part I check it out here!

13. Workflow Email Notifications

  • There are now two types of Workflow email notifications in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2: Workflow assignment and Workflow completed notifications. These notifications can be setup in the Message Setup window, and are modified to now include Workflow fields and line information.

14. Purchase Requisitions Integration

  • Integration between Purchase Requisitions and Dynamics GP are now abound. Attachments can be added to a requisition or line, and can flow to the Purchase Order. With Encumbrance Management enabled, the budget is checked for the requisition line account number, and a warning issued if there is no budget. A reviewer can accept or cancel the requisition line at any time. Requesters can enter transaction dimension codes for the GL account using Analytical Accounting. Default reports are added with SmartList favorites, Excel Reports and SQL Reporting Services.

15. Default Sort Order for Checks

  • This time saving feature for end-users removes having to manually change the sort options when printing. Instead there is now a default sort option for printing checks in the Payables Management Setup, with the available selections being: Payment Number, Name, State-City or Zip Code.

16. Scan Document Attachments

  • The Scan feature allows for a paper document to be attached directly into Dynamics GP from an installed scanner. What was once a two-step process is now only one-step.

17. Workflow History

  • Workflow History now provides an audit trail for workflows. The history includes all completed and pending actions of a workflow. Storage includes who, what, when, and associated comments of the document.

18. Azure Backups

  • A brilliant disaster recovery plan on the cheap. This feature provides the option to backup GP databases to Microsoft Azure storage, an easy way to make off-site backups.

19. Suggested Item Enhancements – Part 1/2 – Analysis and Assignment

  • Suggested Item Enhancements inspects an item and then recommends companion items to be sold alongside it. This feature uses the suggestion from analysis and provides for the ability to update the Suggested Sales Items window.

20. Suggested Item Enhancements – Part 2/2 – Sales Script and Additional Information

  • Suggestion Item Enhancements now allows for a sales script to be added to each item that is setup as a suggested item. Salespeople will also have more information about the item, including fields that display price and quantity values within the Suggest Sales Item Entry window.

21. Dashboards

  • Four new dashboards are now available in the Reporting Tools Setup window alongside the other Excel Reports: Financial, Sales, Purchasing, and Inventory. Options for deployment of these refreshable reports include a shared network drive, SharePoint or SharePoint Online.

22. Refresh Reports in Management Reporter Web Viewer

  • Previously, a financial report had to be regenerated in the Management Reporter Report Designer to see the most recent information. Administrator, Designer, and Generator roles can now refresh reports in the web viewer, saving time by not constantly having to switch applications. Refreshed reports are only privately viewable, preventing accidental widespread distribution before finalization.

23. Take Company Offline

  • This provides an easy way to take a company offline to perform maintenance of business tasks requiring exclusive access. When a company is offline, only the person performing the necessary task and administrators can log in. Administrators can send custom messages to those that try and access an offline company, as well as reminders for upcoming events or requests to exit the system.

We hope you find these new updates from the Microsoft Blog Team’s series ‘Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Feature of the Day’ useful!

June 3, 2014


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