Top 23 New Features in Dynamics GP 2013 R2 – Part I

As the countdown nears to GP 2013 R2’s release in late May, the Microsoft Blog team has been posting an interesting ‘Feature of the Day’ series to get you up to speed on all the new features you’ll find with this new release.

The new features with the release of GP 2013 R2 center on:

  1. Requisitions – Which will eventually phase out the Business Portal.
  2. Workflow – Which makes the new native workflow engine no longer dependent on SharePoint.
  3. Identity Management & Security – Which means logins will be much less onerous.
  4. Procurement – Which includes a new app for employees.

The list below is a summary of 12 of the 23 ‘Feature of the Day’ posts so far released by Microsoft. Check back for Part II once the rest have been released!

1. Identity Management – Login

  • Delivers the ability to log into the GP web client using your Windows identity, thus reducing the number of logins. This is part of a broader vision of logins that will be made even more robust in future GP versions.

2. Purchase Requisitions – Requester

  • Purchase Requisitions let users enter a requisition that ties into Purchase Order Processing functionality. Less data is required for data entry. You can order items from inventory or non-inventory, while also attaching documents to the requisition to send to the purchasing agent.

3. Workflow Maintenance

  • A new workflow system utilizing a custom engine based on GP is replacing the prior dependency on SharePoint.

4. Workflow Types

  • Four new workflow types will be available: Purchase Order Approval, Purchase Requisition Approval, Payroll Timecard Approval, and Project Timesheet Approval.

5. Workflow User Delegation

  • A new workflow system in GP2013 R2 creates task assignments with due dates/times. If a user will be out of the office for an extended period, the option exists to set up automatic delegations to be passed to another worker.

6. Copy and Paste to General Ledger Journal Entry

  • Users will now be able to quickly copy data from Excel files into the Financial Transaction entry form. Validation rules exist, and if any errors pop-up they can be easily corrected by the end-user.

7. SmartList Designer Enhancements

  • GoTo functionality has been added to the SmartList Designer feature. When a user creates a new SmartList from an existing one, the GoTos that already exist will now be copied over now.

8. Purchase Requisitions – Purchasing

  • Navigation is streamlined for the requester enabling them to see a requisitions status and to enter one. Requisitions can be routed through workflow processes you create, and you will only see requisitions you enter.

9. Default Fixed Asset ID from Class

  • Functionality has been added to define a default asset ID for any new assets created, allowing a different ID prefix and numbering scheme for each one. This now allows for greater ease in adding asset records.

10. Identity Management – Scalability Groups

  • Provides flexible deployment options and improved efficiency for multitenant web client deployments. Using scale groups, you can group web client session host servers that have a common configuration and host the same tenants, effectively distributing tenant load across the session host servers.

11. Workflow Calendar

  • Each step in a workflow can be given a time limit in GP 2013 R2. As well, users can define standard working hours for the company, including holidays. Together the workflow calendar can now accurately calculate a due date/time for a given task.

12. Reprint Outstanding Transaction in Bank Reconciliation

  • A new reporting option offers the ability to print the Outstanding Transactions Report after completing the Bank Reconciliation process.

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May 16, 2014


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